"Thank you so much and for all the tools you have given me to become the best person I can be and while knowing I can serve the King also and focus on myself and my purpose." 
- Carissa Leonard
Are You Ready To Get Unstuck, Stop Feeling Frustrating And Start Living A Purpose-Driven Life? 
It's time to unleash the power of purpose in your life with The War Of Purpose Elite Edition Today!
What Is This Book About?
Do you constantly feel like you're stuck living a life you never really intended? 

Like there's MORE you're supposed to be doing - but you just can't figure out how to make it happen?

You know God created you for greatness. You feel it at the core of your soul. 

But fear, self-doubt and a constant feeling of "lack" keeps you from taking action and stepping into your God-given purpose.

Well guess what, darling? 
You Are Not Alone.
Before I used the formula in this book, I stayed feeling like I was being held hostage in a passionless life until I was able to: 

(1) Discover my TRUE God-given purpose
(2) Believe it was possible and 
(3) Start taking action every day.

Now I get to live my God-given purpose FULL-TIME as a faith-based entrepreneur. 

And with this book I want to give you the secret steps I personally used to live my God-given purpose in a way that ignited my passion, unleashed my purpose and gave me a life of joy.
It's Time To Find Your Purpose.
Ever find yourself wanting to get CLEAR on your God-given purpose? The War Of Purpose Elite Edition is PERFECT because you'll get to: 
  • Discover Your God-Given Purpose: You'll learn my secret formula to discovering what God created you to do on this earth!
  • Believe Your Purpose Is Possible: You'll learn my strategies to BELIEVE your purpose is possible, grow your confidence and get rid of the fear standing in your way!
  • Take Action Every Day: I'll give you my breakthrough goal-setting techniques that help you get productive and do the work necessary to make your purpose happen!
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About Stephanie Rodnez

My name is Stephanie Rodnez, and I’m a self-proclaimed Godlywood Girl. I work to empower women to step into their God-given purpose and achieve their greatness potential.
Trust me, I’m no child prodigy. I’m not all that bright. I don’t have great sales skills or people skills or business skills. All of that was acquired from this one formula: faith plus action equals success.

And even when my lack of faith gets in the way of my actions, God ALWAYS provides a way back. God is always able. So if you’re ready to live that formula to the fullest and make real progress on your God-given purpose, grab your copy of The War Of Purpose Elite Edition today!
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 Here's What Other People Are Saying:
You've been a total blessing to me ... I wouldn't be doing any of this if I hadn't found you online.  
- Jade Ford
Listening to your messages gives me the motivation to continue with creating a brighter future for myself.  
- Denia Herrera
Thanks I'm blessed by your ministry already can't wait to continue this journey with you and see where God leads me. 
- Tiffany Varnell
Ready To Get Stop Feeling Frustrated & Start Living Your Purpose?  
Ready to get unstuck, stop feeling frustrated and start living your TRUE God-given purpose?

Introducing The War Of Purpose Elite Edition - an incredible 3-part book that teaches you how to:

1- Find Your God-Given Purpose
2- Believe Your Purpose Is Possible, and
3- Take Action On Your Purpose Every Day!

This book includes affirmation statements, motivational quotes, encouraging scriptures and journal pages! 

No more feeling like you're stuck living a life you never really intended. It's time to unleash your true God-given purpose every day!
Here's What You'll Get From This Amazing Book:
  • Daily Devotionals -  This incredible 3-part book includes the Unleash Your #Legend Daily Devotional which teaches you my breakthrough formula for finding your God-given purpose, believing your purpose is possible and taking action every day!
  • War Of Purpose - You know why Jesus told parables? Because stories help us LEARN the steps! This 3-part book includes The War Of Purpose book which tells my personal testimony of how I applied the Unleash Your #Legend formula so I could leave my 9-5 job and start living my God-given purpose full-time!
  • War Of Purpose Workbook - One of my biggest pet-peeves is when a book teaches a formula but doesn't give you space to APPLY it.  That won't happen with The War Of Purpose Elite Edition - because not only do I give you the formula, but I also provide a full workbook section for EACH lesson you learn so you can take action right in the book!
  • Bible Scriptures - You know those moments when you're reading the Bible and you think "I have to remember this verse!" Now you'll have a dedicated place to write out scripture verses that catch your heart and open your mind, so you'll always have an encouraging reminder! 
  • Affirmations - It's time to have DAILY affirmations as you read the word! The War Of Purpose Elite Edition comes equipped with purpose-driven affirmations that empower you to live God's greatest purpose for your life - and develop a powerful and impactful faith walk with Christ. 
  • Journal Pages - Ever find yourself wanting to write your notes and ah-ha moments as you read a book? The War Of Purpose Elite Edition is PERFECT because it includes journal pages you can use to write your notes, ah-ha moments and lightbulb ideas!
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