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  • SECRET #1: Understand EXACTLY what you need in order to launch your online business in a way that ignites your God-given purpose, while giving you the lifestyle you’ve always dreamed of at the same time.
  •  SECRET #2: Get a firm understanding on how to market your business to the right people, and how to drive traffic with the right marketing strategy that keeps your customers interested in what you’re doing and how you’re doing it.
  •  SECRET #3: Discover how to create products that truly serve your audience in a way that IGNITES your God-given purpose - and so much more!

About Stephanie Rodnez

Since 2008, Stephanie Rodnez has created faith-based products that empower women of faith to live their God-given purpose - including 26 books, 24 online courses and 3 feature films.

She founded the Godlywood Girl School Of Business in June 1st, 2018 to empower women of faith with the same shortcuts, resources and tools she uses to earn an income online in a way that glorifies Christ and gives you the lifestyle you've always dreamed of at the same time.  Join the webinar to learn these shortcuts and start taking action TODAY. 

Freya Sullivan Huffman

"I'm just stopping by to say thank you to Stephanie! You are giving so much more than others out there in this space. The knowledge you share is truly transforming my business. I am rebuilding my business from the ground up because of what I've learned so far.  Love you Stephanie!"

Sonia Kennedy

"Stephanie Rodnez THANK YOU for your presence & encouragement! Keep it coming we need all of it! I do wish I had found you sooner, but I'm here now! Thank you for living in your purpose and sharing your knowledge and for being a real support in this digital landscape! You actually show up to help your clients!"

Kerone Maxineau

"School of Business is on point! Very helpful to add and scale business and so simple to implement"
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